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Top 20 Fun Parent Child Date Ideas

Hero Top 20 Ideas

Tuesday 14 February is the day we celebrate Valentine’s Day, a day when lovers express their affection. Often these days we use this as a timely opportunity to strengthen our relationships with family and friends.

Are you celebrating ‘Galentine’s Day’ or ‘Planetine’s Day’? That is one to appreciate how much our friendships mean to us. Anyone else sending besties cute vday messages or gifts?!

And what about our families? With Queenslanders now in week three of the new school year it feels like we have well and truly returned to Groundhog Day of lunchboxes, sports, music, homework! It’s just too easy to be swept up in the chaotic juggle, how do we avoid this? Queue circuit-breaker….

2023 is the year we’re making February the month of love and a month we schedule in parent child dates! You and I both know our children value our presence more than any present. So we’re going back to basics and giving the gift of love and our time!

Visiting Gallery of Modern Art

It’s the perfect alibi to escape the household chores and go together (no other siblings) just for an hour, few hours, half day, or a full day to go somewhere or create a new setting to be, to relax, to reflect, and reset. Allow the freedom and space to communicate, to laugh, cry, agree, disagree, and of course share a magic ‘I love you’.

Here’s some fun date ideas we’ve done or plan on doing with our children. Perhaps you’ve already levelled up in this department (nice work! – any tips or rules you find make this work we’d love to hear), or maybe you’re like us and will consider making this a regular occurrence (even if the kids first groan about it! ;))

1. Milkbar

Surprise them by going for ice cream or a milkshake after school at a favourite spot – guaranteed smiles all round. Gelatissimo, Messina or Nom Nom’s anyone?

2. Treasure Hunt

Are your children at an age where they love a treasure hunt? Visit a vintage store or even to uncover some treasures. Some of our favs are found at Camp Hill and Paddington, Sunshine Coast -Pomona, Pickasso on the Gold Coast.

3. Pamper

Modern wellness and selfcare are front and center these days. Try a Mummy & Me Manicure Pamper or a Mummy & Me Pamper

4. Hiking

Go hiking or bike riding at your local national park.

5. Portrait Painting

Let your creativity flow or simply have a laugh as you paint or draw each other’s portraits. Why not create your own session inspired by Anh’s Brush with Fame!

6. Mystery Flight

Book a short escape somewhere, make it a mystery flight with activities and accommodation. Think Sydney, Newcastle, Hervey Bay. Or even go on a surprise tour to Stradbroke Island, Double Island Point, Australia Zoo, Gondwana Rainforest or for a little more excitement try a Jet Boat Adventure!

7. Mini Golf

Get your ‘Happy Gilmore’ on with a round of mini golf or a hit at the driving range.

8. Picnic in the Park

Pack a picnic and discover somewhere new. You could even create or download a scavenger hunt game to add to this for a little more interaction.

9. Get active

Go jumping, climbing, abseiling, bouldering, and increase trust and closeness by facing a challenge together, promote teamwork, and help their personal development.

10. Ready, steady, cook!

Try your hand at baking, or even creating your own restaurant. Your mini chef will love picking out a recipe, going to the shops to source ingredients and cooking up a meal for the two of you. Prefer to escape the house? Try a cooking school instead.

Cooking pizza

Cooking and eating pizza, an easy an affordable date option.

11. Trip Down Memory Lane

Take them to your old school, old sports club, and share some of your childhood experiences.

12. Thrilling Experience

Do something inspiring and thrilling like hot air ballooning or taking a exhilarating drive in a Ferrari or Lamborghini.

13. Animal Lovers Encounter

Have an animal encounter together! Visit your local animal shelter, the farm or a wildlife sanctuary.

14. Entertainment Centre

Are you competitive or keen to squeeze in some cardio? Play a round of laser tag and hit up the arcade – try Laserzone Brisbane or Sunshine Coast!

15. Games night in!

Test your mind and skill over board games – think anything from basic and traditional card games through to Monopoly, Dragonwood, Panedemic, Guess Who. Use what you have at home or visit the Toy Library to pick from their catalogue.

16. Explore nature together

Whether it be somewhere local or a drive to the hinterland. Allow them and yourself to play in nature, chatting and exploring. Perhaps you could add in a kayak or a SUP session.

17. See a Show

Visit play moves at Museum of Brisbane, see a show or a movie!

18. Puzzle Masters

Test your mind, teamwork and problem-solving skills with your tween or teen at an escape room or share an awesome virtual reality experience at Sunshine Coast’s newest virtual reality centre – VR Hero.

19. Art Class or Tour

Try a creative tour or class, or check out Class Bento for ideas.

20. Catch a Game

Head to the game – football, basketball, surfing or pre-season league game!

Sharing this time together will have long-lasting positive effects on your relationship with your child. All those good vibes will stay with them forever. 💘


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