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SPARK POP is on a mission to encourage people to choose sustainable ways for children to play, be inspired and create lasting memories.
Toys in Landfill


“Saving our planet is within reach, we have worked out all the problems, we are working on all the solutions, most of them we can do now, and, over time, all of them help the economy.
We have a plan; we know what to do. There is a path to sustainability.”

– Sir David Attenborough, Natural Historian

Our Why – Plastic pollution

The toy industry is the most plastic intensive in the world, with 90% made of plastic. Annually the world is producing 100 million tonnes of plastic (mostly made of ethylene and propylene produced by fossil fuels), clogging landfill, threatening oceans and marine life and accelerating climate change.

🌏As our planet gets hotter the plastic breaks down into more methane and ethylene, which increases the rate of climate change and continues the destructive cycle. You may also be shocked to learn that the increased temperature also impacts on crop failure of coffee and cocoa beans^. We’re not ready to live without coffee ☕ or chocolate🍫! Are you?

Kids outgrow stuff, they never outgrow adventure. By choosing experiences over new toys or games more often, we contribute to a sustainable future by reducing plastic consumption and waste.

People & Planet

It is our intention to tread lightly reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible.

A purpose-led business, started from the heartache around the number of toys cluttering homes and knowing 80% end up in landfill with 90% made of plastic, to us the impacts of experiences for kids and families extend threefold – Planet Friendly. Supporting Local. Healthy Kids.

We are passionate about contributing to the sustainability of the childrens’ activities and leisure industry. New things and experiences trigger the release of dopamine, motivating us, and leads to the creation of new neurons and neural connections.

SPARK POP believes givers and receivers will find an experience to provide the same excitement as toys therefore reducing the demand and frequency of plastic toys purchases. We aim to do better and be better when it comes to our people and planet and have carefully selected Things to Do suppliers and partners to give back and increase our positive impact.



Most experience brands are run by small business owners, with local employees, supporting the community by providing a place to connect, to be active, to learn or be inspired and entertained.

SPARK POP’S range of Things to Do for children are largely within 25-50 kilometres of the CBD. Adventurous alternatives to travelling outside of the city for daytrips or even the perfect excuse for a ‘staycation’.

Gifting & Party Supplies

All products have been sourced from Australian suppliers. Each is either made locally within Australia or alternatively are designed here but made with recycled or sustainable materials overseas.

Packaging & Printing

All orders are shipped using a Hero Packing biodegradable mailer and label. Any stickers, paper, card stock for orders or marketing is printed by Sustainable Printing Co using 100% recycled paper, sustainable stocks, eco inks and green electricity.

Our Impact

SPARK POP works with several organisations to help reduce toys going to landfill and to give back to underprivileged children. 

We’re making it easier for you to recycle your household’s pre-loved toys with TerraCycle‘s Zero Waste Box™ solution – now available at Area 51, + Miss Petite Day Spa + The Ginger Factory, with more locations to come.  This initiative is funded by the Social Enterprise Development Grant project, proudly supported and funded by the Queensland Government.

We truly believe play is powerful and that good toys are necessary for creating happy and healthy children. Toy Libraries Australia foster sharing and reusing, a key component of the circular economy for toys. You can purchase a Brisbane South Toy Library Membership here.

One in six Australian children live in poverty and don’t have the same access to toys and experiences, SPARK POP will donate .30 cents from every transaction to The Smith Family to support the delivery of educational programs to help Australian children in need succeed at school.