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Spotlight on The Ginger Factory

Meet Shelby - Tour Guide at The Ginger Factory

The Ginger Factory is an incredible supporter of SPARK POP, being the first on the Sunshine Coast to join and list its playful attractions on the platform.

So we are absolutely thrilled to be going behind the scenes of The Ginger Factory to find out what makes this SPARK* creator so special.

Shelby Hunt (pictured above) is a Tour Guide for this award winning Sunshine Coast attraction, we spoke with Shelby to get the low down.

  1. How long has the Ginger Factory been operation, and how long have you been involved?

“Buderim Ginger” a name that sparks any local’s attention and dates back to the early 40’s.  This much-loved company opened its doors to The Ginger Factory in Yandina 1980.  Fun for all ages and has been for many generations, whilst I have only been a part of the team since 2020, I too have my own childhood memories of visiting The Ginger Factory.

2. What do you enjoy most about working at The Ginger Factory?

Meeting such a diverse group of guests, people from all over the world. People of all different ages.  I really enjoy the variety of different experiences we offer here, for me no 2 days are the same from entertaining to educating, being in the outdoors driving the train or providing the more “foodie” experience with our guided tours and tastings.

3. What do kids love most about The Ginger Factory?

A place where their imagination can go wild, its full of exploration and adventure, chasing after story book characters like The Gruffalo and The Gingerbread Man its both mythical and magical for little ones.

Child meeting The Gruffalo

Child meeting The Gruffalo

4. What do parents love most about The Ginger Factory?

We safely encourage independence for children.  The Ginger Factory is a small enough area that the kids feel comfortable and confident, more often than not they are the ones showing the parents around.  Parents really value the fact that you don’t need the entire day to see all the attractions, instead they can plan it around nap times, after-school to burn off any of that excess energy or to break up a road trip to stretch the legs as it is right off the highway.  Free admission, affordable VIP annual passes and tickets not to mention children under 4yrs are free. There is a lot to love for parents!

5. What sustainability initiatives do The Ginger Factory have in place or have coming soon?

Apart from beautiful gardens all year round and a ginger patch there is more than meets the eye.  Behind the scenes there is a worm farm supported by the café team to help keep food, paper, and organic waste out of landfill.  With the cleaners help all eligible containers are collected and taken to a refund point and bottle caps are donated to charities such as Lids4kids.  On top of this the food manufacturing side of the park – The actual Ginger Factory has installed 2 large settling ponds and a water treatment facility to help recycle and reuse some of the water, the water that cannot be re-used there is then used for our gardens.

6. Can you tell us about a particularly memorable experience you have had working with a customer or group?

I enjoy each and everyone of my customer interactions and really value the lasting relationships I have built with a lot of the VIP Annual Pass holders.  For me I have countless memorable experience from taking a TV Presenter into the Beehives on live news or allowing selected guests to toot the horn of the train.  I have been lucky enough to witness and be amongst many heart-warming moments especially when presenting the Live Bee Shows and sharing knowledge and inspiration to school excursions or families on holiday.

7. What’s your favourite thing to do on weekends?

Some time spent in the ocean is always the goal for my weekends, being outside and enjoying all of Sunshine Coast’s beauty.  I am always seeking water and being immersed in nature.

8. What’s your favourite treat?

My favourite treat would have to be Gelato.  I can enjoy an ice cream at anytime of the day and I am happy to travel to get it because no matter the time, day or place when you have an ice-cream it immediate feels like a holiday.  Gingerlatis gelato bar and The Ginger Factory makes it far too tempting and hard to leave work without an ice cream in hand.

9. What’s your go to kids’ gift?

I recently bought for my nephew a “Bee Hotel” with pollinating seeds to plant.  I helped him sprinkle the flower seeds in the garden and we look for native bees and insects.  I now always encourage families to have a “Bee Hotel” in their garden for the children and this will now be my “go to” kids gift to help spread the important message about Bees and why we need them in nature. Check out our ‘Bee the Change’ gift here. 

TGF Moreton

‘Moreton’ The Ginger Train

10. What is a cool/fun fact about The Ginger Factory?

Princess Diana and who is now King Charles visited The Ginger Factory in 1983 and “Moreton” The Ginger Train was built in Germany 1901 making him 122yrs old.  So whilst there are many new and exciting attractions here it is also a place of history and nostalgia!

You can view, book, gift and redeem your Spark Pop Gift Card for The Ginger Factory attractions here.

*‘SPARK’ – a quality or intense feeling. SPARK POP definition of ‘SPARK’ is ‘A quality experience that involves/affects the person participating.’

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