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Skate Session

  • Recreation


Alley-Oops Half Pipe
Alley-Oops Indoor Skatepark
Alley-Oops Skate Ramp

Let individuality, creativity and freedom take hold with a session at this all ages, all abilities indoor skatepark!

Book a session for up to two hours of fun plus level up balance, coordination and cardiovascular fitness!

Start on the street, or warm up on the ramp which offers a foam pit landing. This indoor skatepark is suitable for skate, scooters, in-lines, roller skates, BMX (with conditions).


Suitable For

  • 2hrs
  • Availability
  • Teen
  • Primary
  • Pre-Teen
  • Recreation
  • Explorer
  • Dreamer

Additional Information

Child Friendly Dining:

Cafe – enjoy light snacks, coffee and cool drinks.


  • Active Kids
  • Gift Card Redeemable
  • Planet Friendly

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Suitable for 5 years plus. Arrive 5-15 minutes before session.