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Ghosts Around the Rocks

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$108Family of 4

Let vivid imaginations go wild as the family explore the mysterious and supernatural within Sydney’s infamous precinct, The Rocks.

Gather together for a unique night looking back to historic Sydney. Step inside a world when prisoners were the law, public executions were commonplace, and the Rocks Push (well-dressed gang) ruled the street.

You’ll be captivated by the stories and places your guide takes you on this popular street tour which covers two kilometres. For some a roller-coaster of emotion as you discover slums overrun with mass burial pits, sly grog haunts, opium dens and ghosts searching for their loved ones and revenge on those who crossed them!

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  • 90 mins
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The Observer Hotel 69 George St The Rocks Sydney 2000


Terrain: Leisurely 2 km of walking, uneven paths, stairs

Paranormal Activity: Moderate

Guidelines, Cancellation, Terms

  • Change of date permitted within 48 hours notice before your scheduled experience for a fee of $10 per booking.


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$108Family of 4

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