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Top 10 Non-Toy Gift Ideas


Did you know that of all toys purchased, 51% will end up in landfill within 12 months?

Research has revealed that LEGO continues to be a favourite across all ages and genders as it promotes the use of the imagination; parents tended to like the toys that foster communication, pretend play, and general educational stimulation.*

For the most part we know our children will often end up playing with our cooking utensils, sticks, some kind of made-up game, dress up, hide & seek or playing outside on swings or other equipment in the backyard or neighbour’s house.

So what should we base our checklist on?

This could be something they NEED, WANT, WEAR or READ.

It may:

  • Be playful
  • Prompts learning, creativity or development
  • Offers quality or durability.

Here’s our top 10 ideas to help you gift for children, something that is memorable, sustainable, and won’t trash the house.

  1. Books

    Spark curiosity, brain development, focus and more with books! We offer a curated selection of books including colouring, puzzle and others that are thought-provoking and fun.


    Wildlife A Map Colouring Book

    Wildlife A Map Colouring Book

  2. Attractions

    A great way to expand a child’s understanding and appreciation of the world around them is with a ticket or membership to a point of interest in your city or state, theme parks, heritage type like museums and zoos.

    Superman Rollercoaster at Movie World

    Superman Rollercoaster at Movie World

  3. Classes

    Swimming, art classes, or you can even purchase digital classes these days like the Hearty Art Club

  4. Treats

    Ice-cream, milkshakes, lollies or dare we say it even McDonald’s! Think vouchers, jars of, or one of our favs Funday natural sweets available with our Gift Card Pack is also available direct as a subscription.

  5. Trips

    Camping, beach or a trip to the city, a change from the everyday environment whatever that may look like.

    Brunswick Nature Tour

  6. Subscriptions

    Could be a box or a magazine. Check out locally made Little Green Rainbows craft boxes, they cover all the kids fav themes like this dinosaur one.  Or Youkie magazine, made for curious cookies aged 8 to 12 years covering adventure and activism to science and sport, without the ads!

  7. Gift Cards

    Often the way to go with teens as they find their independence. Try an EFTPOS, Movie, or SPARK POP Gift Card so they can choose their own experience (attraction, wildlife encounter, outdoor-adventure, indoor-play, live show/game tickets) when and where they like!

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8. Clothes

or practical accessories – children like them, but parents appreciate it.

9. Mindful Gifts

All ages can benefit from mindfulness, the simple practice of bringing a gentle, accepting attitude to the present moment. Think Mindful & Co Kids yoga, colouring-in, or even Seeds for Tomorrow affirmation cards and gardening kits.

Nature Luxe Mat

Nature Luxe Mat

10. Pamper

We all love to dress up and be pampered, why not gift nail polish, or even some eco glitter or lip gloss. Or go the whole way by treating the lil petite to a mini manicure or makeover session.

Toys aren’t the only gift for children, we love EXPERIENCES as they are zero waste, support local jobs and active kids. But nothing is better than time with you, as well as their family and friends.

For mindful gift giving, give from the heart. x


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