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The Best Dinosaur Experiences for Kids in Australia

Dinosaurs of Patagonia

Are you ready to spark imaginations as you enter the time tunnel to travel millions of years back to an era when colossal creatures roamed the Earth?

Perhaps you’re nurturing an aspiring apprentice paleontologist or nurturing the enthusiasm of a true mega Jurassic Park aficionado. Galvanise their excitement with a dino expedition to discover fossils, interactive displays, and come face to face with real-life models. These mesmerising experiences, both permanent fixtures and temporary treats are scattered throughout the country, waiting to awaken the wonder of prehistoric life in young minds.

The lineup of dinosaur exploration continues to level up with both Sydney and Melbourne unveiling extraordinary exhibitions; Jurassic World: The Exhibition and Dinos Alive Exhibition. Such offerings make it achievable to fill your child’s passport with an array of stamps, representing another colourful memory!!!

It’s easy to overlook the vast geological history, diverse landscapes, and significant dinosaur fossils that Australia harbours. Our nation has played an instrumental role in advancing our comprehension of prehistoric life. Distinct species reside here that cannot be found elsewhere: a testament to our unique contribution to paleontological discovery. Notably, The Winton Formation in Queensland is home to several high-profile discoveries, boasting exclusive species Muttaburrasaurus, Australovenator and Diamantinasaurus.

If you’re on a quest to provide young adventurers with a roaring good time, or if you’re aiming to satisfy curious minds eager for knowledge, you’re in the right place! In this blog, we’ve collated the most thrilling and captivating dinosaur events and exhibitions in Australia.


Jurassic World: The Exhibition - Baby Dinos Incubator

Jurassic World: The Exhibition Sydney – Baby Dinos Incubator

Jurassic World: The Exhibition

For movie buffs, the thrill seekers, Jurassic World: The Exhibition brings the movie to life in an extraordinary fashion. Celebrating 30 years of this multigenerational franchise, this epic encounter provides an ideal opportunity for creating a sense of nostalgia and connection, likely the reason behind its record-breaking success around the world.

Prepare to embark on an immersive journey that catapults you straight into the heart of the iconic movie franchise. Imagine stepping onto the Ferry to Isla Nublar, the vessel that transports you into this enthralling world. Once you arrive, you will encounter the baby dinos and have the opportunity to capture a selfie with Bumpy from Camp Cretaceous! Fire up fascination levels as you witness The Creation Lab in action before a heartwarming encounter with the park’s newest Parasaurolophus babies. You’ll want to ‘hold onto your butts’ as you enter T. Rex Kingdom! Feel your heart and pulse rate fire up as you stop by the Raptor Paddock to meet the vicious Velociraptors and meet Carnataurus – a creature that embodies the mystery of our ancient past.

Sydneysiders, you won’t want to miss this! Get your tickets now for this extraordinary exhibition stomping onto Australian shores to launch at Sydney’s SuperLuna Pavilion at Sydney Olympic Park on September 23. Book early to secure your tickets!

Dinosaurs Exhibition at The Australian Museum

Embark on The Australian Museum’s Dinosaurs Exhibition – an adventure that takes you face to face with some of the most remarkable creatures to roam the Earth. This exhibition shows off dinosaurs of all sizes and scales that roamed the lands of Africa to North America and Australia including the world’s first anatomically correct model of a T-Rex, a seriously impressive site to see! What better way to ignite curiosity about the mysteries of this 65-million-old beast, unravelling the enigma of its existence and its ultimate demise!

Spark the imagination of dino enthusiasts with an array of wonders such as meticulously crafted skeletons, live-sized models, fossil teeth, skulls and claws of creatures from the Mesozoic era. Prepare for full immersion as the exhibition awakens your senses with the scent of the Mesozoic world, the chance to make dinosaur calls and even take a glimpse into the world through the eyes of these prehistoric inhabitants. Found on level 2 of The Australian Museum, this free exhibit comes highly recommended for a family day out itinerary when in Sydney’s CBD. Find out more here.

In another exciting launch this September, a brand-new Hologram Dinosaurs experience will take you on an incredible journey through four prehistoric environments. You’ll encounter herds of large dinosaurs, meet a T.Rex up close, dive with giant swimming reptiles or soar with ptserosaurs! This is part of the Dinosaur Festival being held this school holidays. Book now.

Dinosaur Valley Scenic World

Dinosaur Valley Scenic World

Scenic World

Scenic World is the home of the world’s steepest railway and home of Dinosaur Valley, making a return on 23 September. Surrounded by kilometers of Jurassic rainforest, Dinosaur Valley is a one-of-a-kind way for the whole family to explore the natural wonders of the Blue Mountains. Meet over 30 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs in the ancient rainforest at Scenic World, including T-Rex, Brachiosaurus, and Stegosaurus.

After grabbing your Ranger Pack, jump on the world’s steepest railway, the Scenic Railway, into the Jamison Valley. Roam the elevated boardwalk, listen out for the roars, and spot the dinosaurs beneath the rainforest canopy. Ultimate Discovery tickets start from $50 for adults and from $30 for kids for this must-do prehistoric adventure!

The Australian Reptile Park

For more dino events, keep an eye on The Australian Reptile Park who regularly host an epic limited time only exhibit in Jurassic Zoo.

Hunter Valley Gardens

The gardens offer a stunning backdrop for Mega Creatures, a display of giant dinosaurs, dragons and other creatures.  Returning in 2024, Mega Creatures promises to surprise and delight young families with displays, activities and illuminated and animatronic dinosaurs.

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Dinos Alive

Making its grand debut in Melbourne, prepare to be transported to a prehistoric wonderland as the highly acclaimed Dinos Alive Exhibition arrives in the Asia Pacific region! This extraordinary showcase which is already a sensation in the US promises an unparalleled experience. Imagine encountering a breathtaking array of 80 life-sized animated dinosaurs, each meticulously crafted to bring the past to vivid life. But the adventure doesn’t stop there—immerse yourself in a cutting-edge VR experience that whisks you away to the lush jungles of the Jurassic era, where you can witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. For the aspiring paleontologists among us, a hands-on space beckons, offering the chance to unearth fossils and even forge a connection with some of the most iconic dinosaurs.

As if that weren’t enough, the exhibition holds a mesmerizing secret: a virtual aquarium where you can interact with and marvel at the astonishing Jurassic sea giants that once ruled the oceans. To further amplify your journey of discovery and learning, consider diving into The Dinos Alive app, a companion that enhances every facet of your visit. With tickets in high demand and spaces filling up rapidly, secure your place in this extraordinary adventure by booking your tickets now. Don’t miss your chance to step into a world where the past comes roaring back to life!


Dinosaurs Unearthed

Dinosaurs Unearthed. Image courtesy Queensland Museum

Queensland Museum

The Queensland Cultural Centre is giving families even more reasons to visit with Queensland Museum’s latest unveiling Dinosaurs Unearthed: Explore Prehistoric Queensland. This remarkable gallery is coined as one of Australia’s most engaging and visually stunning showcases of dinosaurs and megafauna, and parent reviews are confirming this! Prepare to embark on an enthralling expedition into the evolution of Queensland, spanning millions of years. With an array of locally discovered fossils, meteorites, cutting-edge technology and intricate illustrations, underpinned by new research from Queensland Museum paleontologists.

Dinosaurs Unearthed: Explore Prehistoric Queensland brings over 100 fossils and meteorites into the limelight, including some of the museum’s most precious specimens. More than 50 life-sized reconstructions of Queensland’s prehistoric species capture visitors’ imaginations. To amplify the interactive interpretations, cutting-edge scanning technology and 3D colour printing have been seamlessly integrated throughout the exhibition. This educational journey awaits you within a free permanent gallery located on level two of the Queensland Museum.

Children at Dinosaurs of Patagonia

Children at Dinosaurs of Patagonia

Dinosaurs of Patagonia

The clock is ticking for the Dinosaurs of Patagonia exhibition at Queensland Museum, as it enters its final months. After a wave of excitement during the school holidays, seize the opportunity to get up close and personal with the awe-inspiring Patagotitan, the world’s largest dinosaur. Legendary naturalist Sir David Attenborough himself has hailed the Patagotitan as “one of the most extraordinary finds in the history of palaeontology.” Now is your chance to uncover the mysteries of South America’s Age of Dinosaurs through sixteen life-sized skeletons that stand as a testament to a bygone era.

This exhibition, touted as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, is your gateway to encountering the giants that once ruled the land. Secure your tickets now for an adventure that transcends time and space, taking you back to a world where colossal creatures reigned supreme.


Hologram Trex

Hologram Zoo

Hologram Zoo is a unique and memorable experience that should definitely be high up on the list. Here you can explore life-sized holographic dinosaurs like Pteranodon, Velociraptor, and T-Rex can be found in the zoo’s Prehistoric Oceans, Pteranodon Canyon, and Forest Floor exhibits.

This zoo also features marine, Australian, Arctic and African animals. With animals made of laser light, the Hologram Zoo offers a unique and exciting experience for animal and dinosaur enthusiasts alike. This Cannon Hill location is a great option for those keen for a top-quality experience without the effort of transporting the family into a major museum or stadium, with ample free parking available on-site.

Thunderegg Mine

Fossicking at Thunderegg Mine

Thunderegg Mine

For an adventurous hands-on activity, we had to have Thunderegg Crystal Mine on the list! Found at Thunderbird Park on Tamborine Mountain, you will uncover a place unlike any other. The park offers 112 hectares of amazing wildlife and a geological rich oasis surrounded by ancient forest, the perfect place to discover hidden treasures.

Thunderegg Mine offers a unique activity for the whole family. With your explorer hat on and your miner’s pick, you’ll be ready to cut open a 200-million-year-old mystery and fossick for treasures in the world’s largest Thunderegg Mine! Remember to bring your explorer bag to take your Thunderegg treasures home in. Book your permit in now. You’ll also find Treetop Challenge next door!

Currumbin Wildlife Extinction Trail

Extinction Trail

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has roared to life the Extinction Trail. Travel back to a time when dinosaurs and megafauna ruled the earth and explore life on our planet long before the evolution of humans! Learn how they lived, how the earth changed during this time period and what was behind the mass extinction that wiped out three quarters of the earth’s plant and animal species. Take a look here

Visitors also have the opportunity to trace the footprints of dinosaurs at Lost Valley! Experience life on Gondwana before it split, forming present-day Australia as well as many other continents around the world such as Africa, South America and Antarctica.
Both are available as part of your ticket for Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary – book your visit today!

Muttaburrasaurus, named after the town of Muttaburra in central Queensland

Australian Dinosaur Trail

Get ready to ROAR as you set off on your boldest exploration yet with a journey to Outback Queensland and the iconic towns of Winton, Hughenden and Richmond for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Australia’s Dinosaur Trail is an adventure that will spark imaginations like never before, allowing you to follow in the footsteps of prehistoric giants from millions of years ago. This historical hub provides the perfect canvas, vividly bringing these colossal creatures to life for your dino enthusiasts. On this remarkable adventure, you’ll have the opportunity to dust off 98-million-year-old dinosaur bones and witness evidence of a dinosaur stamp, the largest Australian fossil collection, and ancient marine reptile fossils.

Your expedition into dinosaur country combines four attractions – The Ultimate Dinosaur Tour of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs, a guided tour of Dinosaur Stampede National Monument where you can stand in awe of the only known dinosaur stampede on the planet, entry to Kronosaurus Korner in Richmond and entry to Flinders Discovery Centre in Hughenden.

Wondering when to plan your visit? The cooler months spanning from May until September are ideal times to explore this part of the outback with comfortable days and refreshing evenings. You may like to make this one of your epic family road trips you do in your lifetime, or if time is money, go by plane to Longreach or to Winton via Townsville and have a hire car booked for the trail. Discover suggested itineraries and more about the Australian Dinosaur Trail and secure your family pass granted access to all four attractions for just $300.  Adventure calls!


These thrilling dinosaur events and experiences are well worth the visit. Don’t wait, set the date for an epic voyage to ignite imaginations and uncover the captivating tales of a world long past.

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