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Spark Creators with Flip Out

Spotlight on Flip Out Strathpine

Warm up this winter with a visit to your local adventure play or recreational centre to get bodies moving!

Australian kids are way off meeting the national guidelines for physical activity being marked D- in 2022. Flip Out offers a fun and alternative option to incorporate active play into our children’s day and have a positive impact on their wellbeing.

Patricia Gibbons, mum of 2, is the proud and passionate owner of Flip Out Strathpine – an indoor trampoline park which is one of their earliest centres. Flip Out provide a safe environment for our kids to have some fun, get active and off the screens. Read on to learn what makes this SPARK* creator so special.

  1. How long has Flip Out Strathpine been operating, and how long have you been involved?
    Flip Out has been open at Strathpine since 2016. I have been the proud owner of the Strathpine franchise since 2018.  Flip Out is an established international brand, however the Strathpine arena is one of the original trampoline playgrounds in the country and continues to be enjoyed by flippers of all age groups and physical capabilities.
  2. What do you enjoy most about owning Flip Out?
    So much! I love knowing that we provide an active activity for the whole family to do, that gets kids off their devices and engaging with their family and friends!  I get a kick out of seeing the anticipation on the faces of our littlest flippers when they walk in the door … and watching the smiles of joy as they bounce around on the trampolines.  We believe that active kids are happy kids, and we are delighted to be able to provide a venue for an active lifestyle for our local community. Trampolining is for everyone!  Many kids don’t enjoy team sports or traditional sporting activities, and trampolining is a fantastic alternative for them. I love that we are a destination that can accommodate disability groups, NDIS customers and non-traditionally schooled children during the day.

    Ninja Kids 1

    Ninja Kids

  3. What do kids love most about Flip Out?
    The children love to challenge themselves on the trampolines, trying to land new tricks under the watchful eyes of our experienced staff. They love jumping into the foam pits and trying the different trampolines, literally bouncing off the walls, shooting hoops, and mastering the skills of the running wall.  Our birthday parties are extremely popular – kids love to bring their friends along to celebrate their birthdays, and parents love the fact that they know their kids are having a great time and there is no clean-up for them.

    Flip Out Birthday Parties

    Flip Out Birthday Parties

  4. What makes Flip Out super family-friendly?
    Trampolining is for everyone! And is a low-impact fitness activity that offers a wide range of benefits for all ages, body shapes and fitness levels and is not restricted by experience!  If a child can walk, they can enjoy a trampoline.  Parents can either enjoy the arena with their children, or they can enjoy a snack in our café with a full view of their children as they burn off energy!
  5. How do you ensure the safety of your flippers while they participate?
    Our arena is fully supervised by well-trained staff who undergo ongoing extensive training to ensure our customers are kept safe, our safety rules are maintained, and our equipment is in good working order. We operate on a ratio of one staff member to 20 participants, which is higher than the Australian standard requires, and our equipment is thoroughly checked daily before opening our doors, and throughout the day, as well as engineer inspection before each school holiday period to ensure it continues to be safe for the enjoyment of all.
  6. What sustainability initiatives do Flip Out have in place or have coming soon?
    Like other businesses, Flip Out recycles all our cardboard and all of our café cutlery and disposable items are made of recyclable products.  We also send our damaged springs off for recycling.  These can be melted down and used to produce parts for vehicles, aircraft, plumbing, industrial containers, etc.
  7. Can you tell us about a particularly memorable experience you have had working with a customer or group?
    It’s no secret that I think our staff are fabulous and I love receiving positive feedback about various members of the team. There is a stand-out however on one occasion when I was having a challenging week, and I was reduced to tears reading a beautiful email that was personally addressed to me from the parent of a child with multiple special needs who had been attending our classes.  This parent wrote of his experience, watching his child progress in leaps and bounds with the help of our instructor (Koby).  He noted things such as eye-contact, extended concentration time, enthusiasm to attend, and motivation to try new things by his child, who had been working with OTs in one-on-one sessions and making very little progress.  He attributed this progress to the genuine care and patience shown by this instructor, saying he would watch incredulously each week as his child would engage and interact in a way that he had not witnessed before.  So much emotion was conveyed in this email and I couldn’t have been prouder.  I am extremely grateful to have such a wonderful team of young people working at Flip Out and a fabulous National training program, but there are some things that just can’t be taught…
  8. What’s your favourite treat?
    I love to hear the reaction of the children in the arena when the disco lights come on for our After Dark sessions. The excitement is electric, and we know we are going to get the same reaction every single time.  Another thing I secretly enjoy is hearing the kids singing “happy birthday” in the party rooms.  We generally have 3 parties on the go at one time on a weekend and the kids in each party room try to out-sing each other.  I’m sure the parents are in there blocking their ears, but I get a kick out of it.

    Flip Out in the Dark

    Flip Out in the Dark

  9. What’s your go to kids’ gift?
    For primary school aged children in particular, a 5-visit pass is always a favourite. It can be used for a cost-effective family visit or for an individual.  It means they can visit 5 times or perhaps bring a friend or two for a few visits.  Alternatively, vouchers can be purchased for one or two hour jump sessions and include a pair of grip socks.
  10. What’s a cool/fun fact about Flip Out?
    Fun fact: NASA Research has concluded that “rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised” and that 10 minutes of vigorous bouncing burns more calories than 30 minutes of running” !!!
  11. What’s your ideal family fun weekend itinerary look like?
    Family time is always my favourite way to spend my leisure time!  Working around sporting and study commitments, we try to fit in at least one family activity each weekend.  In the warmer months it might be a day at the beach, and in the cooler weather perhaps bowling, visiting, or a family meal and a movie.

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