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Story Bridge Twilight Climb

  • Outdoor Adventure


Story Bridge Twilight Climb
Brisbane Story Bridge

Reach new heights together as a family!

Looking for a thrilling family adventure or a unique way to celebrate a special occasion? Look no further than the Story Bridge Climb in Brisbane! Begin your downtown adventure at the Climb base camp, located directly under the iconic Story Bridge. After a brief pre-climb briefing, you’ll embark on an unforgettable journey, ascending a spiral staircase to the start of the suspended walkway beneath the Bradfield Highway.

As you traverse the bridge’s inner Eastern arm and ascend towards the sky, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of Brisbane’s bustling cityscape. Upon reaching the summit platform, celebrate with your climb group and take in the breathtaking 360-degree views of the city and beyond. Capture the moment with a climb group photograph before venturing further across the bridge and returning to the top platform for a final photo op. It’s an exhilarating experience that promises unforgettable memories and stunning views for the whole family!

It’s an adventure you won’t want to miss, perfect for families seeking thrills or celebrating special occasions!

Ideal For

  • 2hrs
  • Teen
  • Pre-Teen
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Hero
  • Explorer

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The adventure begins at our Climb base camp, directly under the Story Bridge itself. After a quick pre-climb brief, you’ll depart our base and ascend a spiral staircase that leads to the start of our suspended walkway directly beneath the Bradfield Highway (Australia’s shortest Highway).

From here you’re connected to our climb line for the entire climb and you’ll start the journey along the suspended walkway to the base of the Bridge’s pylon, learning about the colourful history of the Story Bridge and Brisbane.

Start the climb up through the inner Eastern bridge arm, climbing level with one of Brisbane’s busiest commute points and then ascending straight up the cantilever arm that stretches over the Brisbane River and reaches up into the sky. Before you know it you’re celebrating with your climb group on the summit platform, where you’ll get your bearings and some fun facts about the amazing 360 panoramic before you.

Venturing further along you’ll explore the bridge from a different angle, traveling approximately half way across the river below before returning to the top platform for a final climb group photo before your descent back to our Climb base camp.

Every Climb to the top includes a Climb group photograph, with additional individual photographs available for purchase.


Story Bridge Adventure Climb, Main Street, Kangaroo Point QLD, Australia


  1. Parking: Street parking is available. It is paid parking on weekdays and free on weekends.
  2. When should I arrive: At least 15 minutes prior to your climb to ensure you have plenty of time to be ready for an on time departure.
  3. What should I wear: Fully enclosed rubber soled footwear.
  4. What’s included: A fully enclosed climb suit, accessories provided but not limited to hats, sunglasses, lanyards, rain resistant jackets and sunscreen.
  5. What’s the distance of the climb: Almost a kilometer up over the bridge’s superstructure with a viewing platform 80m above the Brisbane River.
  6. Photographs: For safety reasons, you cannot take your camera (including video cameras) with you. So, there are a number of spots where your Climb Leader will take photos. These photos are available for purchase from the Gift Shop after your climb.

Guidelines, Cancellation, Terms

Health & Safety 

Ladies who are pregnant can be up to 20 weeks and still be able to climb. However, due to the nature of the activity pregnant ladies are not permitted to do the Abseil Climb. Please note, you do climb at your own risk and are required to wear a safety harness throughout the duration of the climb.

Age, Height & Weight Requirements

Anyone who is 6 years of age and older who can sustain moderate physical exertion can take on this challenge. All persons climbing must be 110cm and over and weigh under 131.5KG. The weight restriction is due to the restrictions of the safety equipment used. For the Abseil Climb there is a maximum weight restriction allowed of 115KG.



  • Active Kids
  • Gift Card Redeemable
  • Min. 24hrs Notice Required
  • Planet Friendly

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Must be 6 years old.