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MakeMUD Earth Fizz – Beach

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Earth Fizz Forest Tray
Earth Fizz Beach
Earth Fizz Beach

Concoct mysterious bubbling potions or create fizzing imaginative worlds with our EarthFizz, made with real mud.

Just add water to see one of our favourite acid-base reactions in action! Watch carbon dioxide bubbles pop through the goop, and hear the hiss of fizz. These foaming crusts of real earth are the perfect addition for the mud kitchen or outdoor play area. Crumble EarthFizz into a small bowl of water to see it bubble, or spread it on a tray and add drops of water to see it fizz to life! If not too diluted, you can even try using any thick leftover goop as a natural paint for process art.


MakeMUD is a unique range of sensory bases that let you create naturally muddy play experiences at home, without any of the hassle or mess.

Just like making mud, all it needs are water and your own two hands to make a soft and luscious, earth-filled playdough, ready for play.

The first of its kind, MakeMUD was scientifically developed in 2019 as a soil-based playdough powder by Avvy Banerjee, an early years STEM specialist. Since its launch, MakeMUD has expanded to include natural mud slimes and fizzes to its sensory range, and continues to be loved by mudmaking wildlings all over Australia and beyond.



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