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Explore Your World: Weird, Wild, Amazing

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Weird, Wild, Amazing

By Tim Flannery / Sam Caldwell (Illustrator)

Get ready for a whole new look at the world around you. You’re about to meet the weirdest, wildest and most amazing animals on the planet. Are zombie jellyfish real? Do frogs like opera? Which animals eat poop? (And more importantly, WHY?!) What’s it like to wrestle a python? Buckle up – you’re about to find out!

Bursting with bizarre facts, packed with vibrant illustrations and guided by one of the world’s greatest living scientists, Professor Tim Flannery, this deep-dive into the natural world will enthral and enlighten readers. It will also make them laugh out loud … and squirm in disgust. Shortlisted for the 2020 ABDA Best Designed Children’s Non-Fiction and 2020 Environment Award for Children’s Literature Longlisted for the 2020 ABIA Book of the Year for Younger Children


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