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Affirmation Colouring Pencils

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Affirmation Pencils

Inspire self-love, confidence and positive self-talk with Mindful & Co Kids beautifully crafted affirmation colouring pencils.

Designed to encourage moments of calm, little ones will love colouring their world with our affirmation colouring pencils, while promoting the endless benefits of mindfulness.
Each positivity set comes with 12 pencils, each personalised with charming affirmations.

About Mindful and Co

At Mindful and Co – Kids, we believe the art of mindfulness has the ability to change lives, and perhaps even save them. Born out of the innate groundings that our mind, body and spirit are holistically intertwined, our mission is to inspire, strengthen and foster happier, healthier, more resilient young minds through mindfulness, with the bigger vision to change the staggering and alarming mental health statistics for young people.


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The power of colouring in and combined it with 26 beautiful poems (from A-Z).

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