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4 Tips for Curated + Fun Gifting this Christmas

Family at Noosa

This might sound audacious to some, but here it is: my children’s love isn’t tethered to the latest toy or game I buy them. In their eyes, I’ll always be their most cherished toy, and it isn’t about what we possess but the moments we share. Whether it’s a simple drive, baking session, playing ball, or embarking on a thrilling adventure, it’s the time together that counts. What I genuinely wish for them is to be enveloped in love, feel secure in their relationships, and cherish our family moments over material possessions.

In today’s world, there’s a growing movement towards conscious consumption. Many of my friends, especially fellow mums, are taking a deliberate approach, meticulously curating what enters their homes. Instead of impulsive buys at school fetes or trendy stores, they prioritize meaningful acquisitions. This choice isn’t just about being ‘cool’; it’s about aligning values with actions and teaching our children the same.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the influx of plastic toys, assembly-required contraptions, or items destined to gather dust, you’re not alone. It begs the question: How can we instill gratitude in our children without spoiling them? The answer lies in reshaping our gifting approach.

Junior Tree Top Challenge Adara

  1. Prioritize Meaningful Experiences Over Material Goods

Move beyond the allure of fleeting trends. Consider gifting experiences that resonate deeply, creating memories that endure. Whether it’s a cooking class, a family getaway, or, for older kids, a SPARK POP Gift Card offering a plethora of activities, these moments foster genuine connections. For instance, our family has opted for tickets to events like the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks LIVE Glow Party, ensuring memories are etched in our hearts, not just our homes.

Home made gifts

2. Embrace Handmade and DIY Gifts:

There’s unparalleled warmth in receiving a gift crafted with love. Encourage your children to channel their creativity, be it through handcrafted cards, knitted goods, or culinary delights. These tokens of affection come with stories, memories, and a personal touch that transcends material value.

3. Practice Mindful Consumption:

Mindfulness extends beyond meditation; it permeates our choices, especially during the festive season. Before succumbing to impulse buys, reflect on the item’s necessity, longevity, and environmental impact. Platforms like Marketplace can be treasure troves for quality items waiting for a second life. Additionally, guide your children to craft concise wish lists, focusing on essentials like something they want, need, wear, and read. This not only aids relatives seeking guidance but also cultivates discernment in your children.

4. Encourage Gratitude and Appreciation:

Beyond gifts, instill gratitude as a cornerstone value. Teach your children the art of expressing appreciation, whether through heartfelt notes or verbal affirmations. Reinforce the season’s true essence – love, generosity, and togetherness. Elevate the joy that comes with giving by introducing family gift games like Secret Santa, emphasizing thoughtfulness over volume. Or go one step further and volunteer together at a local not for profit.

As the festive bells chime, let’s embrace a conscious approach to gifting. By intertwining curated choices with heartfelt gestures, we nurture deeper connections and lasting memories. Let this season be a testament that love, thoughtfulness, and shared experiences eclipse materialism. Here’s wishing you a season filled with joy, mindfulness, and cherished moments!

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