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Family Farm Tour & Taste

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$652 Adults + 2 Children

Summer Land Camels’ friendly staff will guide you on a behind the scenes tour through Australia’s largest largest camel farm and dairy operation, including our camel milk processing and production facilities. Meet and learn about camels and Australia’s camel history, wild/feral camels and how trust is developed with their cameleers. While discovering Camel Milk – its powerful immune proteins and anti-aging ingredients and how the so-called ‘white gold’ benefits human health as food and skincare, as well as tasting and learning how its processed to become award-winning cheese and gelato.

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Additional Information

  • 2 Adults + 2 Children
  • Arrival and check in 15 minutes prior to tour time.


8 Charles Chauvel Dr, Harrisville QLD 4307, Australia


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$652 Adults + 2 Children

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